About PWA

At Official PWA , we don't just sell high luxurious clothing. We sell a story. A meaning. Apparels has became just clothing with designs on it. We aim to be different. Our purpose is to become a high end fashion brand providing quality and meaning. We want our customers to be able to express themselves in confidence. To feel empowered and comfortable. Creating a community to embrace and adapt power to our characteristics is what we are all about. 

Our goals for 2022 :

2022 will be filled with many visual entertainment and influential projects that will gain lots of attention throughout the year. One of our dominant projects will be filming projects. Besides the projects, building a brand to reveal and express power in various ways is our main goal. We look to explore the fundamentals of power and how to apply it in our lives using PWA to express and educate. This is not a journey we look to walk ourselves, but a journey we look to share with our fans and loyal customers who wish to be part of the experience and growth. Growth is our main focus for 2022. 

Interacting with loyal customers:
Interaction with loyal fans and customers is something we highly value and enjoy. We look to interact and communicate with you all on social media and share your fashionable photos where you express yourself representing PWA. There will be many trends , challenges , competitions and rewards in the upcoming events. Taking part with our activities will be your main throw back when ending 2022 !